An application is a letter.
An application is for asking a person for something.
Often at an official department.
It is also called making an application.

Advice by telephone

Advice by telephone is advice over the telephone.
The BIG Hotline offers advice by telephone.

Counseling center

Counseling centers offer help and support.
Counseling centers for women help women.

For example

  • If you are a victim of violence.
  • If you are not sure if it is violence.

Only women work there.
So that all women can feel safe.

Family court

A family court is a special court.
The court helps with problems in the family.
For example, when a man hits his wife.
The court decides:

  • Can the man live with his wife?
  • Can the father visit his child?
  • ...
Women´s shelter

When women suffer violence, they can go to a women´s shelter.
You are safe there.
The address is secret.
Only women live there.
Only women work there.

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Violence protection ambulance

You can be examined here.
If you have been a victim of violence.

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Protection Against Violence Act

The Protection Against Violence Act protects people.
When people suffer violence.

The law tells you when you can have protection.

And which protection you get.

A judge decides what the attacker is no longer allowed to do.

What the judge says is written down.

And the perpetrator receives the letter.

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Hotline is another word for advice over the telephone.
You can get advice here.

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Homeless people

These are people who have no apartment of their own.
They live on the street.
Or in a home for homeless people.

Legal advice

Legal advice is advice on:

  • Which rights do I have?
  • Which laws are important for me?
Duty of confidentiality

Duty of confidentiality means that a person is not allowed to say something to others.

  • Your doctor is not allowed to tell others what you tell him.
  • The person advising you is not allowed to tell others what you tell her.

Only when you agree to it.
Doctors and social workers can then tell others what you told them.


You can look for difficult words in a dictionary.
They are explained there in a simple way.

Sanctuary apartment

Sanctuary apartments are protected apartments.
The address is secret.
Only women live there.
Social workers work there.
They can help you if you have questions and problems.