Violence protection ambulance

If you are bleeding. Or if you have broken something:

Then go to the doctor.

Or the hospital.

Or the emergency room.

There is a Protection Against Violence Center.

You can come here if:

  • The perpetrator has hurt you.
  • The perpetrator has injured you.
  • The perpetrator has choked you.
  • The perpetrator has forced you to have sex.
  • Or if you have bruises.
    Or wounds.


Call first.

You can find the phone numbers here.

Then you get an appointment.

The examinations are free.

All the doctors there are women.

A female doctor will examine you.

She will record all injuries.

She will take pictures of any injuries.


Injuries are important proofs.

You can show them to the police and court.

Then you can decide whether you want to use the records. 

For instance for the police.

If you want to press charges against the perpetrator.

Or for court.