What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence occurs between people.

They know each other well.

For example:

  • Between husband and wife.
  • Between boyfriend and girlfriend.
  • Or in the family.

In cases of domestic violence, women are almost always the victim.

And almost always, men are the perpetrators.

Husbands, caretakers, uncles, grandfathers, sons, a neighbour,
or a friend.

However, women can also be perpetrators.

For example:
Partners, mothers, daughters.

Domestic violence mostly happens at home.

  • In the apartment.
    Or in the refugee camp.
    Or where nobody can see it.

For this reason often nobody notices.

Sometimes domestic violence takes place outside the home.

  •  On the streets.
  •  Or at work.


This type of violence can happen to any woman.

  • No matter whether it is a German woman.
    Or a woman from a different country.
  • No matter how old the woman is.


  • No matter whether she has a disability or not.


  • Regardless of the work the woman does.
    Regardless of how much the woman earns.
    Or if she is a housewife.