Violence does not stop by itself

Violence does not stop by itself.

Sometimes it gets better for a while.        

You might even think the violence has ended.

But most times the problem remains.

And then it starts again from the beginning.

For this reason it is called the cyrcle of violence.


It may happen that:

  • Your partner threatens you.
    He hits you again and again.
    This makes him feel strong and good.
    But you feel terrible.
  • Then your partner maybe feels sorry.
    He apologizes to you.
    He promises that he will never do it again.
  • He gives you presents.
  • Then you feel better again.
    Your partner and you get along great again.
    And maybe you fall in love again.
  • But then it starts again.
    The problem remains.
    Your partner threatens you again.
    The violence can get worse.


We want to encourage you.

Many women are ashamed.

Because the man treats them badly.

Because he is violent.

And because they think it is their fault.


Some women are afraid.

For example, they ask:

  • Who can help me?
  • Will I lose my children?
  • Can I live without my husband?
  • Where can I get money from?

This is why many women do not seek help.

They do not speak about the violence at home.

And they hide their injuries.


We want to encourage you.

You do not need to be ashamed.

The violence is not your fault.

It is the fault of the perpetrator.


Please seek help.

And seek help for your children.


And talk about the violence.

Violence is not a secret.

Violence is not a private matter.


Maybe you want to separate.

And live alone.

Or alone with your children.   

You can get help.