How can the courts help?

Important laws against violence.


There is the German Protection from Violence Act.

The law is intended to protect everyone against violence.
Women in particular are often victims of violence.

That´s why the law is especially important for women.

  • So they don´t have to suffer violence.
  • So they can defend themselves against violence.

You can file various motions in family court.

So you can be safe from the perpetrator.

So that the violence stops.

For instance, there are motions:

  • to let you live alone in your joint home.
  • to prevent the perpetrator from entering the home.
  • to prevent the perpetrator from entering the refugee camp.
  • to prevent the perpetrator from coming close to you.
  • to prevent the perpetrator from following you.


In that case the perpetrator may no longer call you on the phone.

He also may not send you an text message or e-mail.

Or: the perpetrator must stay at least 50 meters away from you at all times.
He is not allowed to come closer.

He may not be in the same room as you.


If the perpetrator does this anyway

you can call the police: 110

The police can protect you.

They will send the perpetrator away.

The police will file a complaint.

Then the perpetrator can be punished.

There are still more laws.

For instance the criminal code.

It states:

What the punishments are for different crimes.