Sanctuary apartments

What is a sanctuary apartment?

You can live alone with your children in the apartment.

Or together with other women and children.

In a larger apartment with room-mates.

You will have your own room.

The address is kept secret.


You do have to pay rent for the apartment.

If you don't have money:

Ask for help.


A social worker can help you with your applications.

Or if you have questions and problems.

The social worker can also come with you.

For instance to court or administrative offices.

Or counseling centers.


Some sanctuary apartments have programs for children.

In some sanctuary apartments you can also move in with your older sons.

Even if they are older than 14.


When can you move into a sanctuary apartment?

  • If you cannot stay at your home.
  • If you cannot move to a women's shelter.

How can you reach a sanctuary apartment?

  • You can call the office of the sanctuary apartment.
  • Or you can send a text message.
  • You can also send an e-mail.
  • You can also send a fax.


Where to go from here?

You will receive an appointment at the office.

There you will get more information about the sanctuary apartment.

You can talk to the employees.

You can tell them what happened to you.

And ask them questions.


Sometimes you can already look at pictures of the sanctuary apartment
while you are at the office.

Then you can think about.

Whether you would like to move in.

If you move in the employees will help you with questions and problems.


You can find the phone numbers oft the sanctuary apartments here.