Children need protection too

It is especially bad for children:

When they experience violence!


Some children had to leave another country.

They fled.

Because there is war and violence.

They were afraid for their lives.

Or they saw terrible things on the way.


Children also feel when there is violence in the family.


They can see, hear, and feel the violence.

No matter what age they are.


In many cases, the children are also victims of the violence.

They are beaten.

Or they are threatened and are afraid.

Sometimes the children also experience sexual violence.

Any kind of violence is very bad for children.

It makes them feel very bad.

  • They may have bad dreams and are unable to sleep.
  • They start bedwetting.          
  • They are afraid.
  • Or the children change.
    Some children become quiet and timid.
    Some children become angry and hit other children.
  • The children may stop playing.  
  • Sometimes, they can´t learn properly any more.
  • Some children take drugs later on.

Children must be protected from violence!

All children should be able to grow up without violence.

That is their right.


There are special help programs for children.

Please get help for the children.

For instance go to the police. Or to a counseling center.

Or a women's shelter.

You can find the adresses here.