Women's shelter

What is a women's shelter?

If your partner beats or threatens you

you can go to a women's shelter.

Only women live there.

You are safe in the women's shelter.

Your children are safe in the women's shelter.

The address is kept secret.

That´s why you must not tell anyone where it is.

No visitors are allowed here.

Only women work in the women's shelter.


You can come to the women's shelter at any time.

Even at night.

Call ahead.


You can also bring your children to the women's shelter.

There is one exception:

If you have a son who is older than 12.

Then please ask:

Which women´s shelter can he accompany me to?


If you are from another country

you can also come to the women's shelter.


There are female interpreters.

For women who cannot speak German (well).

There are also interpreters for hearing impaired women for sign language.


You do not have to pay rent in the women's shelters in Berlin.

You can stay in the women's shelter for as long as you need.


In the women's shelter you have to take care of yourself:

  • You cook for yourself.
  • You do your own laundry.
  • You have to watch your own children.
  • No alcohol may be consumed in the women´s shelter.
    And no drugs may be consumed.


Some people tell others lies about women´s shelters.

They don´t want a woman to go to a women´s shelter.

That´s why they say things that are not true.


How can you reach the women's shelter?

You call the women's shelter.

You can also get someone to help you.

The employee will tell you on the phone a place to meet.

You will go there.

An employee will pick you up at the meeting point.

Or another woman from the women's shelter.

Then you will go to the women's shelter together.


You can find the phone numbers of the women's shelters here.


Where to go from here?

You are safe in the women's shelter.

You get your own room.

You can find peace there.


You can think about what to do next:

  • Do you want to move into your own apartment?
  • Do you want to live with a relative or friends?
  • Do you want to sperate from your husband?


The employees of the women's shelter will help you with all your questions:

  • What happens to me now?
  • How am I protected?
  • How can my children be protected?
  • What are my rights?
  • How do I get money?
  • How do I find an apartment?
  • Where do I get more help?


The employees can also come with you.

For instance to court or administrative offices.


An attorney comes to the women's shelter once a week.

The attorney can advise you.

This is free of charge.


If you have to go out to an appointment,

your children can be looked after.



Take the following papers if you are going to a women's shelter:

  • Personal ID
  • Children's ID
  • Birth certificate of your children
  • Proof of income:
    It states how much money you receive.
  • For women who are not from Germany: passport.
    Or a paper which states:
    This is how long you are allowed to stay in Germany.
  • Insurance card from insurance company.
  • ID for people's with disabilities.
  • Bank papers.
  • Addresses of important doctors.


You should also bring:

  • medication
  • clothes
  • school supplies for the children         
  • toys for the children